“Geography underpins a lifelong “conversation” about the earth as the home of humankind” Geography Association.

“I loved Christopher Columbus and other explorers during our explorers topic. It made me feel excited and inspired because they found amazing new places.”  Charlie, Year 3

“I like learning about rivers, it’s interesting watching the journey of a river from the source to the sea. My favourite lesson was when we went outside and Miss Thomas showed us how a river moves by using a watering can and pouring it down a ramp!” Grace, Year 4

“I like that we get to see other places around the world, it is like going on an adventure in class!” Maddie, Year 5

Intent: Why we do what we do

Implementation: How we teach Geography

Whole school long term planning

Progression of knowledge 

At the beginning of each unit, children are provided with a key knowledge organiser including subject specific terminology they should learn and use throughout the unit. This is used and referred to within all lessons. At the end of each unit, children take part in subject specific quizzes.

Children are also invited to present their knowledge, using their ‘Talking as a geographer’ sheet  through online VLOGS or through our student subject seminars, which take place every half-term in classes. This is a wonderful way to assess children’s understanding of historical knowledge, concepts and vocabulary.

Geographical knowledge – progression

Progression of knowledge and skills in Geography

Talking like a Geographer- vocabulary progression

Our Geography planning

Our Geographical concepts

Geography enquiry wheel

Geographical enquiry progression

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Stories I can read at home that will help

Books for topics – Transport

Books for topics – Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Books for topics – Environment

How can I help my child at home?

Nat Geo kids

For pupils in Key Stage 1

For pupils in Key Stage 2