Our vision

At Tilstock CE Primary School, our staff and governors are committed in providing a positive, nurturing and emotionally safe environment where children feel empowered and motivated to care about themselves and their school.

Through powerful projects and meaningful experiences, we provide regular opportunities for children to contribute, create and to be recognised for their individual talents. Children feel confident in developing the relevant key skills and knowledge required in a way that progresses naturally from year to year across the curriculum.

In partnership with parents, staff and the community, children are enabled to flourish and achieve their full potential through love, aspirations, positive role-models underpinned by our Christian Values.

Leading Learners

In each year group we have a ‘Learning Leader’ that has been voted for by the children in their class. We believe that through our ‘Learning Leaders’ our pupil’s are developed as leaders, providing children with the opportunities and support to play a role in making the decisions that affect them.

The principles of Tilstock Learning Leaders include:

• Recognising that our pupils have valid perspectives and opinions on issues that matter in the classroom, in the school, and in the community.

• Providing pupils with an active role in influencing decisions about these issues as well as in the implementation of these decisions.

• Enabling our pupils to participate as active young citizens.

Here are our Learning Leaders!!!






























Term curriculum plans

Summer Term Curriculum Planner

2 year rolling curriculum plan

Download a copy here

Recovery curriculum information

Recovery curriculum

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are from 8:50am – 3:00pm each day. This totals 30 hours and 50 minutes per week.