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At Tilstock C of E Primary School we place huge importance on our continued relationship with our local Parish Church. We are very proud that our pupils regularly have opportunities to attend outings to our neighbouring Christ Church in Tilstock, just a short walk down the road, which helps to further develop the religious education taught in the classroom which is an integral part of our school philosophy.

We are immensely grateful to the members of the Church community, who help us to uphold our strong Christian ethos by generously giving up their time. Services are often chaired by Rev Sue Armstrong, a member of the Church community.

The students are heavily involved with the key services and events. Specifically around Easter, Harvest and Christmas. The children really enjoy listening to bible readings, learning hymns and taking part in readings, which upholds strong Christian stories and morals.

Pupils regularly attend Holy Communion; in this special service together as a school we worship God and receive some of his many blessings.  We will sing His praises, hear His Holy Word, speak to Him in our prayers and remember the Last Supper, when Jesus shared bread and wine with his friends. Pupils are then invited to come to the altar rail to receive the bread and wine of Communion (if pupils have been confirmed) or to be blessed by name. The wonderful thing about this service is that we can take the feeling of God being close to us home afterwards, to share with others.

The words are rooted in the Christian Faith and highlight the importance of TOLERANCE, RESPECT, LOVE AND FORGIVENESS – held together by the importance of prayer.

Our core values


✝️Dear God, Thank you that you always look after us, and care for us whatever the situation we are in. Even when we have done wrong you still love us. You give us hope because you love us. Amen.” 

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✝️Dear God, Thank you that we can be kind to one another. Thank you for the teachers and families who teach us why we need to be kind. Thank you, God, for the kindness and love that you show us. Please help us to forgive our friends for any falling out. Please help us always to give people a second chance. Please help us to say sorry and start again. Amen.”  

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✝️Dear God, Thank you that you made each one of us and we are all different. Thank you that we are all equally important to you and in our school. Help us to value one another. Amen.

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✝️Dear God, Thank you that you want us to be happy. Please help us to look for ways to make other people happy. Please help us to share and to be kind. Amen.” 

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✝️Dear God, Give us the strength and determination to find a solution to our problems. Make us strong like Jesus when he had to face great hardship. Give us the determination to achieve our aims and be with us always, today and for evermore. Amen.” 

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✝️Dear God, Thank you for my school and all the people who work here. Thank you for all the children who learn here, too. Please help us to think more, listen more and learn more this year. Amen.” 

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We hope that these opportunities allow students to grow spiritually which is an important aim of our school. Below you will find a timetable highlighting our current worship plan.

Tilstock Worship Plan

Please see our worship plan here

Celebrating our Church








Rev Sue Armstrong

The children attend Christ Church, Tilstock for Harvest, Christmas and Easter services, and Rev. Sue Armstrong leads these services. Children also visit the church at other times of the year to support their worship or their RE learning. Rev. Armstrong also visits the school weekly to lead worship. As a school governor, Rev. Armstrong monitors the Christian distinctiveness of the school and supports the school in continually developing this. She says, “Having been an infant teacher and Brownie Guide leader before ordination, I particularly enjoy my role as foundation governor and the link between the church and the school. My dog Merlin is a ‘Pets as Therapy’ (PAT) dog, who visits Whitchurch Hospital and also regularly joins me for Worship at Tilstock CE Primary School. He loves his work too!”