Our nature friendly school

Tilstock CE Primary school has been working with Shropshire Wildlife Trust on the ‘Nature Friendly Schools’ project since early in 2021.

The aim of the project is to increase mental health and wellbeing through outdoor learning – not just thorough large scale activities, but by small pieces of time every day. We have committed to increasing time spent outdoors by 2 hours per week and have been supported for the last 6 months by education officers from Shropshire Wildlife Trust. These activities have ranged from tailor made staff training, officer lead lessons, grounds adaptations, offsite visits and fully outdoor reception transition events, to practical ideas and support to embed nature connectivity into every day. Just a few minutes each day can really help children to learn to self-regulate, allow them to manage their goals and ultimately achieve their very best.

Our school has a wealth of experience and enthusiasm – the passion we have for getting the best for every child is evident in the way in which all staff have immersed themselves in the project and taken every opportunity to use nature connectivity to enhance their teaching. We have loved seeing the progression of the new build space – from the very beginning to what is now an amazing nature rich learning environment. Using evidence and inspiration from a wide range of areas to adapt the design to achieve the most beneficial space for learners to grow resilience – both physically and academically, whatever their needs, means that the new space is truly fit for purpose, especially when mental health and wellbeing needs are at an all time high for the young people in our community.

“Our school – Small but Mighty”






The project, led by the Royal Society for Wildlife Trusts, is funded by the Department for Education and Defra with support from Natural England. It is an innovative project working with 10 partner organisations in some of the most disadvantaged areas of England.

The scheme lays the foundations for active learning, academic resilience and healthy young people who want to learn about and protect our precious natural world.

Ellie Leach from Shropshire Wildlife Trust comments:

This is not just about one-off large-scale outdoor activities; this is about equipping teachers with the confidence and resources to benefit pupils’ health and wellbeing through sustained and regular connection with nature. Five minutes here, a quick lesson there, makes all the difference.”