House System

At Tilstock, we believe in the power of community, belonging, and leadership. To instill these values in our pupils, we’ve diligently worked on building a robust House system that unites and empowers our children. Our school is proud to have every pupil as a member of one of our four distinctive House teams: Hawkstone, Soulton, Alderford and Alkmund.

Houses that Come to Life

Our Houses aren’t just names on paper; they’re vibrant, dynamic communities within our school. Throughout the year, they spring to life during various House events that celebrate the diverse talents and collaborative spirit of our pupils. From poetry competitions that stir the imagination to sports events that fuel healthy competition and arts showcases that let creativity flourish, these activities provide our pupils with opportunities to shine.

House and Vice House Captains: Leaders of Tomorrow

The heart of our House system lies in our House and Vice House Captains. These roles are not mere titles and badges; they’re positions of privilege, pride and responsibility, that embody the values we hold dear at Tilstock.

Every year, two House Captains are carefully selected from our Key Stage 2 pupils (Years 3, 4, 5, 6). These young leaders become role models, guiding their fellow peers and leading their House throughout the academic year. In addition, a Vice-Captain is appointed, providing invaluable support and stepping up when needed.

Active Citizenship and Charitable Initiatives

Our House system extends beyond school events. We believe in active citizenship, and our House Captains are at the forefront of this initiative. They lead a series of charitable events throughout the school year, fostering a sense of responsibility, empathy and giving back to the community.

Introducing Our New House Captains

We are thrilled to introduce our new House Captains for the 2023-2024 academic year. These young leaders were chosen by their peers, a testament to the trust and respect they have earned within our Tilstock family and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievement.

Congratulations to our new leaders, and here’s to an exciting year ahead!