English – Writing

“Reading and writing float on a sea of talk” – James Britton

“I like English because it’s fun and I can show off my writing, I’m always getting better at it. If you make a mistake you can use the dictionary and we can always learn from our mistakes.” – Xavier Year 3

“We learn about writing different stories and adventurers. We correct our work and learn about interesting punctuation.”

“I like the exciting lessons with drama and I enjoyed writing letters to people in the Whitchurch Nursing home.”

I won the Spelling Bee in my school. I am really good at Spelling. I can remember how to spell lots of tricky words.” – Lyla Year 1

Intent statement: Why we do what we do

Implementation: How do we do it?

Impact: How do we know we have learnt it?

Literacy Long Term Plan

Literacy Long Term Plan EYFS – Year 6

Progression of knowledge and skills

Progression of knowledge and skills

Spelling Bee 2020-21

Spelling Bee lists Year 1 to Year 6

Handwriting kinetic letters – Parent information

Core texts to support our literacy curriculum

Writing pathway

How can I help my child at home?

Supporting your child with their writing

EYFS practise your skills online

Key Stage 1 practice your skills online

Key Stage 2 practise your skills online