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Meet our Year 5 & 6 Class teacher Mr Paterson:

“I have been in education for 4 years. I did my original degree in English Lit and then converted it to a PGCE at Chester University in 2018.

What makes Tilstock special? Where to start! The pupils are fantastic, they bring the joy to the community and to every day. They make me laugh, smile and always see the best in the world. Tilstock is also beautiful, and I feel extremely lucky and proud to be able to teach in such a stunning location. The team at Tilstock is also something unique and special. Every person who works at Tilstock gives their all for our school and support each other and the pupils through anything the world could throw at us. Tilstock really is a very special school!

Outside of work I enjoy hiking in Snowdonia, travelling around the UK (and the world, when funds allow) and adding to my ever-growing Lego collection. I also enjoy playing guitar, which I am notoriously awful at, and forcing my cat (Walter) to cuddle me, which I believe he enjoys but he continues to resist. Throughout the school year I love watching the Formula 1 racing, looking at all the statistics and lap times, as well as mimicking the noises of the cars to the grand annoyance of my wife.”

-Mr Paterson

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