Fabulous creative learning in Otter Class

English – Rainforest Topic

Otter Class have recently been learning all about rainforests in English for non-fiction. The children made a rainforest in a box for homework; in Class they’ve learnt what a rainforest is including the wildlife, different layers and how they benefit everyone on the earth. The group have explored the topic of deforestation; why rainforests are disappearing and what we can do to help. The children made posters and enjoyed a mini-demonstration on the playground, sharing facts and shouting ‘SAVE THE RAINFOREST!!’ It has been great to see the children so passionate about the environment and have an understanding in their role for improving the future.

Science Mornings

Otter Class have been enjoying Science mornings every Friday. The group have been learning about the digestive system including teeth. They have learnt about the types of teeth and their functions, created teeth models by shaping marshmallows and did a fun demonstration about how food is digested and nutrients from food are absorbed into the body. They produced some fantastic digestive system models too – take a look!







































Geography – Rivers Topic

Otter Class have also been learning all about the topic of Rivers. The group have explored the journey of a river and learnt some of the geographical vocabulary. They then went on to create a fantastic collage display. In the playground, the children had great fun acting as the water travelling from the source to the sea. They then studied the water cycle and took part in an interesting class experiment with the use of water jars!































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