Long-term project with Nature Friendly Schools

We are very excited here at Tilstock, to announce that we will be working on a long-term project with Nature Friendly Schools which is a ground-breaking project funded by the Department of Education with support from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Natural England.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust will be working in partnership with Tilstock CE Primary School during a long-term project that will help to develop our staff’s confidence and ability to drive forward outdoor learning across the curriculum, at Tilstock.

Nature Friendly Schools aim is to get our children closer to nature, benefitting their learning, health and wellbeing, and care and concern for the environment. It will fuel creativity and a sense of adventure, allowing our pupils to experience the joy that nature can bring. As a result, our pupils will benefit from three-quarters of an hour each day, learning skills outdoors and experiencing wildlife on their doorstep including going further afield.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates which will be uploaded on to our website, I hope you will check regularly to see what your child/children have experienced over the coming weeks!

~ Mrs Rowena Kaminski

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