Tilstock pupils take part in a special Coronation Church Service

On Wednesday 3rd May the children walked to Christ Church in Tilstock to take part in a very special service! Mrs Kaminski and Reverend Sue Armstrong organised a Coronation Church service, so that the children could understand what the coronation was, and what it meant to the church and to us as a country.
Reverend Sue asked the children ahead of the service to recreate the Orb, Sceptre and Crown and used these to recreate the special event along with a red throne. Our pupils created some very fine pieces and presented these during the service.
A special guest also arrived to join in the service, an organist from Whitchurch who played a special piece of music composed by Sir Edward German, that was played at King George VI’s coronation – the children were mesmerised!
Finally, Reverend Sue shared her own special gift given to her at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1952 – a very special pen that she has carried with her throughout her life. The children were then told by Mrs Kaminski that the School and the Church had joined together to ensure that every child had a special gift – a Coronation Teddy with King Charles III’s emblem on the front and their school logo on the back. This was only made possible with a very generous donation from the Tilstock PCC. Our children were delighted with their special teddy bears and will have them to remind them of a very special day!


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