Updated Information for 8th March 2021

Following the government’s announcement on Monday, I can confirm that school will re-open to ALL pupils on Monday 8th March. We will follow the same organisational and safety procedures that we had in place during the Autumn Term. As a reminder, these are outlined below:


Pupils are expected to be back in school, full time. The government has stipulated that attendance is mandatory. Please do contact me directly ( if you have any specific circumstances which may prevent your child from returning to school as expected.

Virus control

The government have outlined a system of controls that should be in place, and we have these in place at our school. These include regular handwashing, encouraging good respiratory hygiene, enhanced cleaning, and minimising contact between groups of children. As part of our systems of control, pupils will have their own pens and pencils for their own use, but some classroom resources, such as books, will be shared within the class and cleaned frequently. Any equipment used by multiple groups (such as sports equipment) will be cleaned thoroughly between use. We have a limited number of toilets on our school site, but there will be a maximum of three children FROM THE SAME CLASS allowed in the toilets at any one time. Each class will have their own toilet and sink allocated to them, and there are additional wipe-down procedures in place for children to wipe the taps they have touched after use. Toilets, and all touch-points, will also be cleaned more regularly by staff.

Bubble system

We will still have a ‘bubble system’ in operation. A ‘bubble’ is a group of children which has limited contact with other groups. In our school, each class will form a bubble. Within the bubble, children should try to maintain a distance of 1m from each other, and particularly from staff, but this is not always possible, especially with younger children in EYFS and KS1. In older classes, children will be seated side by side and facing forward, rather than gathered around desks in groups, so our classrooms will be re-organised to facilitate this. Children will stay in bubbles throughout the school day, and large gatherings will not be permitted, so whole school assemblies and events will not take place. Teachers and teaching assistants will try to remain with one bubble, but are permitted to teach in other groups if needed. We will operate staggered breaks and lunchtimes to prevent contact between bubbles.

Breakfast Club and After-School Club

These clubs will resume on 8th March. Children from different bubbles will have to attend these sessions to allow the clubs to open, and this is acceptable under the government guidance. However, for virus control, we would like to keep these groups as small and consistent as possible, so would appreciate parents only using these facilities when they absolutely need to. Within the group, children from different ‘bubbles’ (classes) will be based in different sections of the hall to try to keep at least 1m distance between them as far as possible.

We would also request that parents are cautious if they use multiple providers for after-school care, as this can increase the risk of infection spreading between settings.

Our additional rota of after-school clubs will hopefully resume on Monday 15th March, and further information about this will be sent home when school re-opens. All clubs on offer will be organised to ensure that different ‘bubbles’ remain separate.


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