Nursery & Reception | Progettazione continued…

In our Nursery and Reception Class, we ensure time is set aside each day for children to learn through their own interests, led by their individual ideas. This ensures that learning builds on from previous knowledge to ensure our curriculum meets the needs of each child we teach. Earlier this week we continued our ‘Progettazione’ focusing on holes!

During a walk on the school field, a child was fascinated by the mole hills on the field. “Why are they there?” he asked.

Back in the classroom, we looked at different animal ‘holes’ in books and using the internet. “I’ve never seen a mole or a badger before” said one child.  They were fascinated.

The children then presented their ideas in drawing and discussion, and during this process, children were applying their phonic and kinetic letter knowledge and skills to label their drawings. It was wonderful gathering all the children’s ideas, ready for our next steps in learning – guided by their interests. We looked at lots of different pictures of animal holes and learnt the names of some local animals that live in holes too!

In our next session we will find out more about Moles and Badgers. We will learn together to find out the answers to the children’s questions: “Why do moles dig holes?” and “Why don’t we see badgers during the day?”


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