EYFS | How we use ‘progettazioni’

In the Reception and Nursery Class at Tilstock we follow the Reggio Emilia principles. Here is an example of how we use ‘progettazioni’ during our afternoon sessions.

We use varied provocations to find out children’s interests and curiosities. Then we document children’s ideas by asking them to represent their ideas in drawings. Recently one child found a knitted mouse in the autumn provocation area. One child said that mice live under the ground and eat cheese. Through questioning and ‘teaching in the moment’ we learned together about mice, carefully ensuring we covered the EYFS learning objectives, and then the child re-presented their new ideas using drawings and models. “A mouse’s tail is as long as their body and they like to live in holes”. The drawing is much more detailed and the child has acquired new knowledge.

Our children’s projects are valued and protected, so that they can return to them continuously for as long as they want. The children have lots of questions they want to answer and are motivated to learn. Now the children want to know what other creatures live in holes. We cannot wait to continue their learning!


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