Pupils receive a visit from Merlin the therapy dog

We are so lucky to have the wonderful ‘Pets As Therapy’ dog, Merlin, as a regular weekly visitor to Tilstock CE Primary School. Merlin visits us every Wednesday to listen to the children read.

“Research shows that young people can become nervous and stressed when reading to others in a group. However, when a PAT dog enters the group, they often become less stressed, less self-conscious and more confident as the dogs are non-judgemental. Before long the young people are starting to look forward to the reading experience as they are going to read to their new friend, the PAT dog. PAT dogs provide comfort, encourage positive social behaviours, enhance self-esteem, motivate speech and inspire young people to have fun.”

More information about the PAT scheme can be found at the following link: https://petsastherapy.org/what-we-do/read2dogs/

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