Tilstock C.E. Primary School and Nursery aims to:

  • Provide each individual child with an attractive, stimulating, caring, learning environment, where all members of it’s community are valued.
  • Promote high standards of behaviour.
  • Continually raise the standards of all pupils’ work
  • Place the education of the whole child at the centre of our school ethos.
  • Recognise each child as an individual. Activities are planned to address their specific needs.
  • Enable all children to achieve their full potential through the broad, balanced and challenging curriculum.

With an aesthetic awareness within a happy and secure environment, we will offer our pupils opportunities to grow:

  • intellectually,
  • morally,
  • spiritually,
  • physically
  • and emotionally.

Our aims can only be achieved by increasing the confidence, trust, tolerance and care between all members of the school community. Through your support and co-operation, positive attitudes towards school and learning will be attained and developed by all pupils during their time at Tilstock C.E. Primary School and Nursery. The school provides a range of experiences to enhance the children’s learning, including inviting visitors into school and school trips.