The role of the Local Governing Body is to:

  • seek to understand and question how the school is led and managed, acting as a critical friend: the Headteacher will report on how the school is fulfilling the Trust’s ethos, vision and strategy;
  • act as the panel, as required, when reviewing the Headteacher’s decisions on exclusions, and other committees, as required;
  • be the consultative body for the school’s stakeholders;
  • represent the school’s stakeholders;
  • forge links with the community;
  • for church schools, to monitor and support the Christian distinctiveness and church ethos of the school;
  • act as an ambassador for the school.

Every school within the Marches Academy Trust has a Local Governing Body.  The Local Governing Body is composed of the following Governors:

All current and prospective Governors should have read the Marches Academy Trust Governance Handbook, and the Governor Code of Conduct. 

Governance Handbook

Governor Code of Conduct

Parent Governors – two per Local Governing Body

Parent Governor elections are carried out when the term for the current Parent Governor(s) expires / if a Parent Governor resigns / when a school joins the Marches Academy Trust.

More information on the role of Parent Governor can be found in the Governance Handbook.

When the number of nominations for Parent Governors exceeds the number of vacancies, a ballot will take place.

Parent Governor Ballot Process

Staff Governors – one per Local Governing Body

Staff Governor elections are carried out when the term for the current Staff Governor expires / if a Staff Governor resigns / when a school joins the Marches Academy Trust.

Staff Governors are just the same as any other Governor, although it is important to note that they are representative of staff, not staff representatives.

If you would be interested in joining the Local Governing Body, or have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact Victoria Jones, Director of Trust Governance, in the first instance:

Parent Governor Vacancy

Nominations are now open for a Parent Governor to join the Local Governing Body.  Please find below a link to the Nomination Invitation Letter and Form.  You will also need to complete and sign the Qualifications and Disqualifications Disclosure and return it to the Clerk.

Parent Governor Nomination Invitation Letter

Parent Governor – Nomination and Statement Form

Parent Governor – Qualifications and Disqualifications Disclosure

Should you require hard copies of the letter and/or form, please contact Miss Hamilton, Clerk to Local Governing Body on 01948 880347 or email: